Wedding services in Madrid

“LA VEGA DEL HENARES”, after over two decades of experience in the sector organizing wedding services and all types of events in Madrid; parties, communions, baptisms, celebrations, conventions …, we have had the pleasure to work with the best professionals in the trade, offering our clients a service of the highest quality, in order to provide the best guarantee of success in our events in Alcalá de Henares.

Our challenge is to continue being a reference as an estate for the most distinguished events in the Community of Madrid and the rest of Spain, offering not only excellent spaces, but also all kinds of additional services, that make our celebrations something unique and unbeatable.

Musical Entertainment

Our most important objective is to make the music personalized for you and, above all, for your guests, so that they retain the best possible memory of your celebration.

We have the best technicians / disc jockeys dressed for the occasion and who will be present two hours before the event, adjusting all the latest technology sound and lighting equipment so that when the guests arrive everything is in perfect working order and the musical programme previously chosen and selected by the client.

In addition we have a wide repertoire of saxophonists, characterized musical groups, orchestras, violinists, etc., that will give the event that magical touch during both the cocktail and the dinner.

Desserts with Impact.

At the end of our celebration comes the most desired, the dessert, which is the finishing touch to the event.

Today we have great professionals who transform the traditional cake into a great occasion, providing innovative designs and always related to the theme of the event or to the personality and taste of the hosts, without forgetting to add a nice cake topper that is a gesture to the bride and groom.

However  there is also the possibility of setting up a dessert buffet, where the first impression upon discovering it is of great impact, with a great variety of designer cakes, macaroons, fruit tartlets, brownies, fruit skewers, sorbets, cup cakes, chocolate mousse …and original trendy sweetmeats, more avant-garde and imported from other countries.

The dessert must always be a combination of aromas, presentation, texture and taste, bestowing it with all the importance it deserves.
And finally … do not miss out on a spectacular Candy Bar, located near the open bar and available until the end of the party, composed not only of sweets, but, also, following the trend of introducing cup cakes, chocolate pearls, cake pops, meringues, fondants and even cookies and macaroons, (always easy to take and eat), and if the party has a theme, they can be decorated with the chosen motif.

Great Details

We take care of every detail to make your event exceptional. Everything is important and many small details add up to a Great Unforgettable Day so that all your guests enjoy a distinct and meticulously cared for celebration.

From a photo booth where the funniest photos can be taken to dancers so there are no excuses not to wear out the dance floor, not forgetting novel photo calls, balloons, funny sunglasses so that love does not blind you, personalized weddings, …. And an endless number of ideas which we offer in La Vega del Henares accompanied by the best professionals so that your guests have a fun time taking home the most daring photos of the party.

Luxury Transportation

The arrival at the event marks the style of the ceremony or celebration.

Arriving in a splendid horse carriage or on a vintage scooter is the first step towards the much desired moment and the first surprise for our guests.

Throughout our long professional life, twenty-three years, carrying out all kinds of events in LA VEGA DEL HENARES we have had the pleasure of working with the best and most varied transport services, such as vintage cars or vans or calashes besides limousines, English taxis, etc.
And to enable our guests to enjoy the party until the early hours with no limitations, we also count on a fleet of luxury coaches with the best technology and facilities making several trips to and from the destination so that all the guests are comfortably cared for in terms of schedule and service of the highest quality.

Beauty Corner

In LA VEGA DEL HENARES we began to include, a few years ago, in our varied offer of “Great Details” for events, a new service of Beauty Corner or Make-up, for all the celebrations that take place in our facilities.

This Beauty Corner is a valued service in which both brides and their guests can retouch their make-up during certain moments, of their choice, during the celebration.

This exclusive service will not entail any additional cost for our customers, but a further bonus from us to help make the day of your celebration unique and special in every way.

Our Beauty Corner will be located in an intimate and reserved place near the service area and whose purpose is that all guests to the event can touch up their make-up in a wonderful, elegant and bright environment.

Let yourself be seduced in your event with a “touch of glamour” that will make a difference to your big day.

Floral Decorations

The floral decorations are undoubtedly the leading role of the table, providing the touch of colour and freshness to the setting and always keeping into account style and colours and, of course, neither blocking the vision of the guests.
The flowers, whether romantic, sophisticated or wild, always have to maintain a balance between original, beautiful and discreet.

In La Vega del Henares we advise our clients on the design of the floral decorations that will be displayed on the day of the event as well as on the colour depending on the adornments and the time of the year.
Each staging involves a customized design and elaboration that depends on the taste, style and concept of ​​the hosts and must be in coordination with the combination of components that give rise to the event.

Table Styles

Each celebration is a great challenge in surprises and taste for the hosts when it comes to choosing the staging of the space where the big day’s banquet will be celebrated and involves a careful study of the type of event that we are going to carry out. A communion is not the same as a golden wedding.

To achieve the perfect affair, it is not only important to choose the ideal setting, but also all the details that enhance it and make the space an environment full of distinction and good taste. Any detail is important without overdoing it, not only tablecloth cover, skirt or chair but also those small details like glassware, flatware, cutlery and even the napkin.

Photographers with Art

A photographic report is a way to narrate the tale with images, that is to say, to relate what happened in an event, transmitting the atmosphere that surrounds that event, transmitting even the mood, feelings and emotions of its protagonists, relatives and guests.
After the Great Day we have the memory of everything experienced not only in our mind but also in a photographic report or a video so that it does not fall into oblivion but becomes the final touch to the event.

In La Vega del Henares we advise our clients of the best professionals in photography and video on the market, professionals with equipment of ultimate technology that pamper all the shots from spectacular angles to grandiloquent sunsets with the best images for us to recall..

Dreamlike Illuminations

In La Vega del Henares we advise you on both interior and exterior lighting focused on the different events that we organize.
Lighting is essential to enhance the room and tables. The coordination of colours and light effects mean that, upon entering, all the guests are invaded by a warm and endearing atmosphere.

Candles are always essential to give that magic touch to the surroundings if the celebration is at dusk.

Original and innovative interior and exterior decorations will make your event unique and unforgettable, providing a special touch to the surroundings.

Seating Plan

In any celebration or event the guests must be assigned the place where they will be seated during the celebration; on the contrary chaos could arise giving way to unpleasant situations should the guests not arrive on time to choose the desired seating.

The coordination of the seating list with protocol, including table identification and menus, must be in perfect harmony, taking into account that situations may arise in some celebrations where the identification may not be classic numbers, but could be names of films, underground stations or ski resorts, plants or flowers, vinyl records, marine motifs, animals or even numbered wine bottles.


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